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Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Prescription

Through the application of TCM’s unique ‘Syndrome Differentiation’ diagnostic methods, which consist of ‘inspection’, ‘auscultation and olfaction’, ’inquiry’ and furthermore ‘pulse feeling and palpation’, our practitioners will collect clinical data from the patient, after thoroughly analyse and making diagnosis, then formulate a herbal prescription. We provide two different types of dosage forms, which are concentrated herbal granules that convenient to consume, and raw herbs that require boil or simmer depend on the patient’s actual condition and preference. All of the herbal medicine are derived from traditional Chinese herbs, which are totally safe and hygiene for consumption.


Meridians are a network of pathways or channels distributed throughout the human body, which contain and carry the fundamental substances of the body, known as Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang according to TCM’s theory; while acupuncture involves the insertion and manipulation of an needle into the acupoints that located along the meridians. When people fall sick due to external injuries or internal dysfunction, it will resulted in the abnormal flow, deficiency or blockage of Qi, Blood etc within the meridians. By analysing the signs, symptoms and associated information collected from the patients, our practitioners will identify the pathological change on certain or multiple meridians, then prescribe a acupuncture formula, combine with specific needling technique to achieve pain relief, regulate the circulation of Qi & Blood, and strengthen the immune system.


Moxibustion is an ancient therapy originated from traditional Chinese medicine, through burning certain types of combustible herbal materials like Chinese mugwort etc. on the acupoints of human body indirectly, it create a warming thermal effect, combine with the pharmacological actions of moxa and the synergy effect of acupoints, this comprehensive effect aid in the cure and prevention of diseases.


Cupping therapy involves the application of round inverted bamboo or glass cups on the acupoints of human body. The TCM practitioner will first ignites a premade torch rinsed with methylated spirits and use it to exhausts the oxygen inside the cups to generate a partial vacuum, cause the cup planted over the skin firmly. This process helps to increase local blood circulation, relieve muscle tension and improve metabolism of the body.

Body Constitution Management

Body constitution is the unique body condition of each human that inherited from parents, it can further affected by acquired factors including diet, lifestyle habits, living environment, emotional state etc., these inherited and acquired influences cause every individual to develops an unique body constitution that reflects their structural, physiological and psychological functions, which makes the person susceptible to certain diseases but not others. Nowadays, the fast-paced society is pushing people to work harder in order to improve their living quality, however during the process many failed to maintain a healthy lifestyle due to irregular dietary and sleeping habits, lack of exercise, excessive smoking or drinking etc., this can lead to the deficiency, stagnation, stasis of Blood and Qi; or the imbalance of Yin and Yang. Have you ever experienced recurrent tiredness, indigestion, chest tightness, insomnia, backache, or uneasiness etc. ? Although this sub-health status is very common in modern daily life, people that left untreated are at higher risk of developing psychological and physiological conditions. Our practitioners can help you to restore health and wellness by combining various types of TCM treatment methods that are customised based on your condition.

Ginseng, Bird’s Nest, Cordyceps & Traditional Herbs Products Selling

Established since 1991, we are specialized in selling various kind of traditional herbs and related products, ranging from high end herbs such as Panax Ginseng, Wild American Ginseng, Cordyceps, Bird’s nest etc., to culinary herbs like goji berry, dried longan pulp, chrysanthemum, Chinese Yam etc. that use as an ingredient in traditional medicated diet. All herbs are carefully selected and examined by the shop’s owner to ensure highest quality. You are welcome to visit us and we are ready to serve you attentively base on your requirement.

Mole Removal

Moles are a common type of skin growth occur on almost every adult, which can develop anywhere on the body. The vast majority of moles are typically harmless except those vary greatly in colour, size or shape. Perhaps the biggest influence of moles to human is that it affect their outward appearances, especially those moles that grow on face or other visible body parts. Are you facing the same problem as well ? With more than 30 years experiences in moles removal, we provide a non-surgical and safe treatment method to remove your unfavourable moles within 2 to 3 weeks. *During the first visit, our practitioners will examine the conditions of moles to determine the feasibility of the treatment. After receive the first main treatment, only 2-3 times follow up consultation are required to ensure the complete removal of the moles.

Heart Warming Herbal Chicken Soup

Chicken is one of the most common poultry meat for human consumption, and also a significant source of proteins in our daily diet. However, do you know that its nutritional value can differ based on the cooking methods used ? Compare with steaming, frying, or grilling etc., the soup extracted through simmer the whole chicken contains more nutrients, the simmering process not only effectively retain its nutritional value, but also enable an easier consumption in the form of liquid soup, which is especially suitable for people suffer from indigestion, malnutrition, recurring fatigue, or those who in a recovery process after an illness. Our ‘Heart-warming’ herbal chicken soup combine the nourishing goodness of a whole chicken with the curative properties of traditional Chinese herbs to boost your Qi and Blood, aiding you towards a healthier body that full of vitality. Only organic chicken that raised without antibiotics are used to prepare the herbal chicken soup, it then carefully packed in a new vacuum flask (which you can keep for personal use) and deliver to your doorstep. You can select the preset herbal formula that available on our websites or visit us and let our practitioners to customised a herbal prescription for you.